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Interior Decorating

Interior Painter and Decorator in Kent.

You could always tackle the painting yourself, couldn’t you?
But… Interior decorating can be a trying experience for busy homeowners. A project that could only take a few days can drag on for weeks or even months. It may be better to get a professional painter and decorator in. Who do you choose though?
You need to know you have someone that you can trust not only to carry out the work, but also to be in and around your property. Are they members of a Trade Association? Will they protect your furniture and flooring? Will they let your dog or cat in & out during the day?

Let B&A professionally paint your house in a fraction of the time and trouble AND without the worry of – “Have we got the right company in?” So if you’ve been thinking of brightening up your home, now is the time to do it!
By the way, B&A operate a NO SMOKING POLICY while on clients property.

If the smell of paint is an issue for you, not a problem. B&A are using environmentally friendly, low odour water-based paints.
My current favourite water-based paints are from a company called Benjamin Moore. I have not come across a UK paint that could beat it!

Another great paint is Mythic. It’s a non-toxic paint we now have available thanks to some nice fellow called Matt James.
These water-based paints produce low V.O.C’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), compared to traditional solvent based paint systems. B&A are doing it’s bit for the environment!

On completion of your project, I’d would like you to think  We’re pleased we found a good painter and decorator in Kent.

If you are happy with the service provided, let me know on my FreeIndex profile.Arthouse Opera Wallpaper - Skylark Gold

While carrying out our interior decorating services we:

  • Mask off and protect all working areas with poly sheeting & dust sheets.
  • Carry out full interior preparation work.
  • Caulk all wood trim, filling holes and cracks.
  • The majority of our sanding is 95% dust free.
  • Sand all wood trim and clean down before painting.
  • Rake out all cracks and refill.
  • Tidy and vacuum at the end of each day. (We only use our own vacuum, not yours).

Choosing a Paint Colour.

Selecting the right paint colour for your home can be a difficult task.
Click any of the following links (below), that will allow you to view some colour samples.
Let the co-ordinated colour schemes inspire and saturate your paint colour palette. These tools are perfect for homeowners wanting to find the perfect colour for their perfect room.

Benjamin MooreMythic Paints, Mylands of London, Little GreeneAlbany TraditionsAlbany Trade, Crown, Johnstone’s, Dulux

When you ask us round to talk about your project, we can give you free colour cards to view too.
We always recommend colour samples are purchased and applied within the area being painted.
This will give you a better idea of what the chosen colour will look like and you can eliminate any bad colour choices at this stage.

All of our work is guaranteed for a period of six months from completion of the work.

For your internal Painting & Decorating requirements…
Telephone: 01795 420820 or Mobile: 07903122528
Email now via the CONTACT page.